Témoigner pour agir


We are pleased to present to you the "Témoigner pour agir" campaign developed by Racines aisbl, as part of the MADAR Network (Maghreb Actions on Displacement and Rights), which aims to improve the humanitarian protection of vulnerable and displaced persons in North Africa.

"Témoigner pour agir" is a platform that gathers testimonies from migrants and NGOs/Activists working on the issue of migration and forced displacement in North Africa. The collected testimonies will help us to:

  • Connect people to the human stories of migration;
  • Understand what words like "integration", "protection" and "hospitality" really signify;
  • Raise awareness of issues of urgent concern related to migration and forced displacement while seeking to inform and shape policy at the national and international levels.

We consider testimony as a powerful advocacy tool, and as the French activist, Franck Lepage, said "The best way to advocate is to start from what you have been through, to talk about yourself". We are convinced that your testimony would be a great added value to our campaign.

You can share your testimonies, in the form of your choice (video, audio, text, image, illustration, photo, etc.) via this Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/temoigner.agir or by sending an e-mail to: temoigner.agir@gmail.com.

Your testimonies will be published on MADAR's website (www.madar-network.org) and on its social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.).

The Racines aisbl and MADAR network teams are at your disposal for any additional information.

To watch and share the videos of the call for testimonies: