Organic Knowledge Exhibition Opening

The Minority Globe is pleased to share with you an upcoming exhibition.

26 إبريل، 2024

TMG Organic Knowledge singer(1).png
TMG Organic Knowledge singer(1).png

Organic Knowledge produces images and ideas of displacement in collaboration with migrant communities, paying attention to aural and material culture informed by the journey, with the never ending willingness to create a collaborative archive of a knowledge system that remains marginalized and little known, standing as a counter narrative for social study and artistic re-enactment.

In 2023-24, the first edition of the project invites three duos for a research-action residency. Through field work and creative workshops, Emeka Okereke and Mathangi Krishnamurthy, M’barek Bouhchichi and Omar Berrada, Wiame Haddad and Léa Morin, guided by the artist and activist Yemoh Odoi AKA Yemoh777s, investigate the diversity of community practices that have the particularity of deeply rooting from vernacular traditions while at the same time, and despite all the odds, doing of the fragmentation, the organicity and the insurgence the non-negotiable conditions of their existence.

The project is part of MADAR - Maghreb Action on Displacement & Rights Network Plus. The network is funded by the UKRI AHRC Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Collective Programme (Network Plus).

Emeka Okereke

Mathangi Krishnamurthy


Tamba Jean-Pierre Sandouno

Fatima Karama

Bakary Dagnogo


Youssef Boutachkourt

Marouane Zemouri

John Johnson

Maroua Ahdadouch

M’barek Bouhchichi

Omar Berrada


Dorice Zika

Jemaa Aboudrar

Redouane Boulahdrt


Lahoucine Amdlous

Khalid Bellaoui

Ekongo Philippe Durand


Wiame Haddad

in collaboration with Randa Maroufi at Oujda

Léa Morin


Diallo Amadou Diouldé

Barry Alpha Mamadou

Boucharta Mohammed Ram6

Oumy Diouf

Hind Rhanem

Meryem Amjoun


Soufiane El Hafi

Mezaga Mehdi Ayoub (Koga)



Ndgna Giye

Ndiaye Fatou Sekc

Thierno Diakhate

Sidi Willame

Mbaye Diop