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MADAR Webinars and Events.

mardi, 25 janvier 2022

A hybrid of online and in person Webinars.

Come and join us.

The MADAR team are looking to facilitate regular webinars as a project and in collaboration with other research groups.

Please feel free to visit this page to see details of future webinars and events.

The stated date of 25.01.2022 is an approximate date for our next webinar. Please revisit the website to see the exact details as they arise. If you would like to be kept up to date with all of our activities and to receive our Newsletter please sign up to our mailing list HERE.

If you use the drop down arrow next to the word events you will see a list of past Webinars which now have the recordings readily available for you to view.

There are also photos and details of past live workshops held in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.