MADAR Early Career Researcher (ECR) Fellowships

As part of MADAR’s commitment to supporting and training early career researchers, three MADAR members were invited to the UK under the MADAR Fellowship scheme.

25 juillet 2023

credit: Sebastien Bachelet
credit: Sebastien Bachelet

As part of MADAR’s commitment to supporting and training early career researchers, MADAR members Marwen Bouneb (Tunisia), Rajaa Essaghyry (Morocco) and Soumia Bouchouk (Algeria), were invited to Keele, Liverpool and Manchester universities in March and June 2023 under the MADAR Fellowship scheme.

The aims of the MADAR fellowships are to build capacity, acquire transferable skills and foster future networks. During the first phase of the trip, the ECRs worked with the Network's senior academics from the UK on defining research questions and methods to be used in their academic articles. Alongside the writing sessions, the ECRs also took part in a series of academic activities, from attending postgraduate symposiums to public lectures. Their trip to the University of Liverpool enabled them to meet colleagues and researchers working on migration and forced displacement themes in other parts of the world. They presented the work they had carried out within their respective contexts, as part of MADAR.

The second visit to the UK focused on stepping up the data analysis collected between the two visits, as well as finalizing final academic article chapters.

During both visits, the ECRs attended presentation sessions on PhD grant schemes available at universities across the UK.

The articles are currently in development and will focus on Alternative language use by migrants in the context of displacement/migration in Morocco Rajaa Essaghyry (Morocco); gender-based violence against migrant women from sub-Saharan Africa Soumia Bouchouk (Algeria); Teenage Refugees in Medenine and their life trajectories Marwen Bouneb (Tunisia)