About the Network

This video was created by Rajae Hammadi: https://rajae.pb.online/

The Maghreb Action on Displacement and Rights (MADAR مدار Arabic for ‘path’) Network Plus aims to improve the humanitarian protection of vulnerable, displaced people in contexts of conflict in the central Maghreb region of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

MADAR will facilitate research collaborations and commission research projects drawing on the regional expertise of UK and Maghreb-based scholars from across the arts and humanities and the social and political sciences. MADAR combines an interdisciplinary approach with participatory and collaborative methods, deploying artistic and creative engagement to mobilise global voices, to improve access to marginal and underrepresented groups, and provide a more active role for displaced people to shape the research process and outcomes.

Supporting artistic and creative engagements will be at the heart of our approach to tackle the social and political challenges associated with migration and displacement. Our ongoing commitment to co-design and co-delivery of research aims to respond effectively to the protection needs of refugees and other displaced people in the region by drawing on local knowledge and community-centred approaches – our research partners include advocacy, humanitarian and cultural civil society organisations in the central Maghreb (Racines, Notre Culture d’Abord).

MADAR's research findings will contribute to reducing risk and improving protection for displaced people in the Maghreb. MADAR will shape and influence national and regional policies and practices that stimulate and facilitate protection for displaced people in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia respectively as well as generating knowledge which will affect and impact neighbouring regions and beyond.

It will also strengthen the research capacity of scholars in the Maghreb region and beyond. MADAR's sustainable partnership with civil society organisations in the Maghreb will build capacity and enrich relationships and networks across the region.

MADAR responds to Sustainable Development Goal number 16 to: "Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels". MADAR aims to:

1) Bring together the regional expertise of UK and Maghreb-based scholars from across the arts and humanities and the social and political sciences.

2) Commission research that will bring together and strengthen the work of researchers in the Maghreb and the wider Middle East and North Africa region.

3) Share best working practices to strengthen partnerships between researchers, activists, artists, and practitioners.

4) Identify ways to help displaced people gain better access to healthcare, education, and jobs.

5) Influence and help governments to support and protect displaced people in the Maghreb.

6) Work with civil society organisations to combat racism and xenophobia in the region.

MADAR is funded by the UKRI AHRC Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Collective Programme (Network Plus). To find out more about the Programme, visit https://ahrc.ukri.org/funding/internationalfunding/the-global-challenges-research-fund/gcrf-network-plus/