Caritas Algeria

Caritas Algeria is the humanitarian service of Algeria’s Diocesan Association (ADA). Established on the 28th of June 1962, Caritas Algeria respond, within the means available to them, to the requests for assistance that they receive, regardless of origins, identities or religious affiliations. They carry out projects with a view to the integral development of men and women, to social solidarity, to justice, to peace, and to respect for the environment, with particular attention to the poorest individuals, with a view to help them take responsibility for themselves.Caritas Algeria lead initiatives that assist people with disabilities and underprivileged women and children. Its support of associations for young people in underprivileged neighbourhoods, of young women in villages and its training programs for early childhood educators are known and appreciated by the public.In collaboration with the HCR and other organisations, Caritas Algeria also offer support to migrants who are crossing the country coming from Sub-Saharan Africa, by providing medical and social assistance, and helping them resume their lives.

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Our Culture First

Our Culture First, Notre Culture D'abord, ثقافتنا قبل is a civil society organization created in 2012: a youth-led inclusive network of committed creative artists and activists united by the mission to build empowered and resilient communities through culture and art.

Our vision

We build resilient and prosperous communities using the power of art and culture. We design innovative actions to respond to complex and global problems.

Our mission

We, Our Culture First, are committed and engaged to:

  • Provide a holistic approach to social, economic and democratic sustainable development through art and culture
  • Support creative artists and cultural professionals as change makers
  • Celebrate diversity, intercultural dialogue and exchange across borders

Our values

  • Diversity
  • Empowerment
  • Equal opportunities and Sustainability

“We believe that every human being has the right to live a decent life and to access culture and art.”

What we do

  • Promoting gender diversity in creative industries
  • Supporting creative industries and artists
  • Shaping culture and art policies
  • Designing innovative approaches to social change using art and culture
  • Empowering women and youth through culture and art
Racines. aisbl

Racines. aisbl is a non-profit international association that advocates and works for the embedding of culture in human, social and economic development public policies. The association was born out of the joint will of African, European and International cultural actors, who believe that the issue of culture is one shared by all and that cultural action can provide solutions for peace, sustainable development and cultural diversity problems, among others. To achieve this, cultural actors come together to provide diagnostic and decision-making tools (research, assessment, mapping…), advocacy for the strengthening of creative freedom (freedom of expression, statutes of the artist, author’s rights…), tools for the professionalization of cultural actors around the world (training, networking…), and a common effort, as well as discussions, between professionals from all countries.