First internal team meeting of the MADAR Network

Update and reflections on MADAR's first internal team meeting

July 1, 2022

In June 2022, Notre Culture D’abord (Tunisia) hosted MADAR’s first internal team meeting, bringing together the MADAR team for a collaborative and enriching experience. The meeting served as a platform for fostering connections, sharing valuable experiences, and enhancing knowledge within the Network.

Over three days, each partner presented its regional action and research work, the challenges encountered and the opportunities to be seized.

This meeting was also a moment of reflection on the future work of the MADAR network, the needs in terms of action and research related to the themes of migration and forced displacement in the Greater Maghreb region.

MADAR meeting June 2022.jpeg
MADAR meeting June 2022.jpeg

Key Highlights:

Knowledge Exchange: The meeting provided an opportunity for team members to share experiences and knowledge, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Capacity Building: Workshops were organized to enhance the capacity of MADAR partners, addressing crucial topics such as ethics and safeguarding. These sessions were instrumental in ensuring that our network operates with the highest standards of integrity.

Expressing Expectations: The meeting facilitated an open forum for all partnering countries to express their expectations, fostering transparency and alignment within the MADAR Network.

Joint Vision and Mission: A significant part of the agenda was dedicated to discussing and solidifying a joint vision and mission for the MADAR Network. This collective effort aimed to align the team towards a common purpose and shared goals.

National and Regional Action Plan: To drive tangible impact, the meeting delved into the development of a comprehensive national and regional action plan. This strategic roadmap will guide our initiatives, ensuring a coordinated and impactful approach to our work.

As we reflect on this enriching meeting, we look forward to the continued collaboration, growth, and impact that the MADAR Network is poised to achieve in the coming months and years. We look forward to the next meetup in person!