What for?

Costs are funded as follows:

Applicants must devote funds from their budget to attend a grant holders’ training and networking (on ethics, arts-based research, and collaboration between academic and non-academic Partners) and KEI event.

A contribution towards Overheads can be made for overseas organisations within DAC list (LMIC) countries, this should normally be calculated at up to 20% of the total eligible direct costs charged to the grant directly relating to the activities of the LMIC investigator.

If Overheads are claimed for international investigators in DAC list countries it is not also possible to request direct costs to cover basic office and facilities (e.g. library access etc.) and minor / day-to-day consumables (e.g. photocopying, telephone calls, etc.) although major additional research related costs (e.g. linked to specific research methods such as survey/ fieldwork costs or development of project-specific digital resources) may be requested as direct costs where appropriate.

Costs for equipment purchase under £10,000 should only be considered where significant use of equipment is required specifically and primarily or solely for the proposed research activity and/or where this is more cost effective than other options such as hiring equipment.

Costs may be included to support inclusive participation in development impact activities, for example in terms of translation costs or support for carers. These may be incurred by either the UK or Maghreb partners as appropriate. Where possible accessible venues and facilities should be selected.

Please note that the following costs are ineligible:

  • Overheads cannot be requested for UK Non Research Organisations and for international co-investigators employed by academic organisations which are not based in a DAC list country (i.e. research organisations located in developed countries and their subsidiaries).
  • Capital or infrastructure expenditure (e.g. basic office/ laboratory / accommodation furniture or equipment, building/ site construction, maintenance or refurbishment work, improvements to digital connective infrastructure, etc.) is not an eligible cost. However, additional costs incurred by existing facilities or infrastructures relating to their use as a part of the research or in the archiving of project-specific research data / outputs may be considered.
  • Infrastructure costs cannot be requested, for example to make structural alterations to venues for improved accessibility.