MADAR has funded five projects through its Large Grant funding scheme. Please find more information about each project by clicking on the project pages below.

Empowerment of women in vulnerable situations in Bechar and Oran

This action-research project aims to improve the health of women in vulnerable situations and facilitate access to income-generating activities for women in vulnerable situations

Elephant in the Mediterranean

This action research project will produce an elephant-shaped life-size sculpture, with the aim to deconstruct discourses contributing towards stereotypical perceptions of migrants.

Organic Knowledge

The project aims to constitute a collaborative archive documenting the material and immaterial culture of migrant communities in the Maghreb.

Make them count! Supporting civil society action to improve refugees’ and migrants’ livelihoods in Sousse, Tunisia

This project aims to deepen our understanding of the everyday politics of how to count migrants and refugees, and how to make them count.

Vulnerabilities, racism and political subjectivities in Tunisia: the ethnographic case of migrants from West Africa

This project aims to identify and understand the most recent transformations in the control of new migrations from West Africa, in a situation of vulnerability and immobility.