MADAR has funded six Work Packages, which address MADAR’s research themes and aim to have a transformational impact on the humanitarian protection of vulnerable, displaced people across the Maghreb region.

Racines Work Package

MADAR Network partner Racines aisbl carried out a Work Package on migration challenges in Morocco.

The outputs of the work package include a documentary film about the daily life of migrants in Morocco and a research study on the context of migration and its legal framework within the country.

Racines also held a workshop for media and journalists in partnership with SENICAR and Réseau Marocain des Journalistes des Migrations.

Scoping Study: Support and Migration in Morocco

In 2021, MADAR commissioned a scoping study exploring migration, humanitarian protection, and acts of solidarity in Morocco.

The research, which was carried out between November 2021 and March 2023, consisted of 28 semi-structured interviews, a focus group and three in-depth case-studies across multiple sites in Morocco. The analysis of the findings are articulated within a report and a series of blog posts for the wider public. As a scoping study, the project has also outlined a number of important issues to shape future research on the topic.